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EducationVirtual reality videos used in undergraduate palliative and oncology medical teaching: results of a pilot study26 February 2019BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care

NewsGenome sequencing of children promises a new era in oncology8 January 2019BMJ

OncologyThe iPROMOS protocol: a stepped-wedge study to implement routine patient-reported outcomes in a medical oncology outpatient setting23 February 2019BMJ Open

Original articleParents’ and children’s comprehension and decision in a paediatric early phase oncology trial: a prospective study24 November 2018Archives of Disease in Childhood

NewsOncology trial authors don’t fully disclose financial conflicts of interests, analysis finds30 August 2018BMJ

Rare diseaseHeart of the matter: reverse takotsubo syndrome in an anthracycline-exposed oncology patient3 October 2018BMJ Case Reports

Poster presentations137 Improving advance care planning in a tertiary oncology centre1 March 2018BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care

Research methodsEvaluating methodological quality of Prognostic models Including Patient-reported HeAlth outcomes iN oncologY (EPIPHANY): a systematic review protocol24 October 2018BMJ Open

Public healthImpact of missing individual patient data on 18 meta-analyses of randomised trials in oncology: Gustave Roussy experience13 August 2018BMJ Open

Poster presentations172 Pilot study: point prevalence of glucocorticoid treatment in oncology inpatients1 March 2018BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care



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